The interest in User Experience Design has sparked, and is growing so rapidly that now industries such as Travel and Hospitality are jumping on board. It’s a very exciting time for the UX Community, and it’s also an industry with fairly lucrative earning potential. We’re often asked how much do Australian UX Designers earn? So thought we’d give you the low down.

junior ux salary

The experience level for a junior spans from entry to 2 years of experience and has a salary of $50-80K. Earning at the higher end is usually dependent on previous experience you might have. If you have a background in a complimentary discipline then you can likely drive a salary at the higher end. For example previous training as a Librarian is very well regarded. Other complimentary areas include: Visual Design, Front-End Development, Research and Business Acumen.


Depending on the scope of projects you have worked on, the mid-level experience level is generally around 2-4 years. Here you can expect to earn between $60-100K. This will of course depend on what level of experience you are coming in with, and how well your skill set hits the mark on particular criteria of the role. The general rule is the more you are paid, the more the business will tend to rely on and expect from you.

senior ux salary

Work at the senior level sits at around 5+ years of working as a User Experience Designer. The starting salary here is around $120k+ with salaries tending to cap at around $200k. Having said that some UX experts have been known to earn up to $250K depending on industry knowledge and demand.


Many companies engage UX Designers on a Freelance basis, paying day rates that vary anywhere from $400 – 1000. This is always dependant on level of experience, and project involvement required. At the starting-end you may have a more junior level of experience, or engage in a less complex tasks such as assisting with user testing.

With all of these salary ranges it’s important to keep in mind just how much this is an area that is set boom. Salaries then, are likely to increase in-line with this demand. The UX industry is experiencing amazing growth within Australia. It’s such a great time to consider a career in User Experience.

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