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Mori Taps General Assembly To Expand Digital Skills Training In Tokyo

General Assembly
February 14, 2023

Envisioning A New Campus in Japan

The collaboration will enable GA to provide digital skills training to Mori Building employees, residents, and partners, fueling crucial digital transformation in Japan. NEW YORK, NY – 2/14/23– Today, global education provider and career transformation company General Assembly (GA) announced a new strategic partnership with Mori Building Co., Ltd – Japan’s leading urban landscape developer – to expand digital skills training to Mori Building workers, residents, and company tenants with the goal of enhancing Tokyo’s overall digital transformation.

The partnership comes at a crucial time as Japan faces a tightening labor market, with some projections estimating the country will be short close to a million digital talent by 2030. Reskilling programs, such as those being offered by General Assembly, will serve as an invaluable tool for companies in need of talent and eager to respond to the rapid innovations underway in automation and digitization.


“Dating back to the opening of ARK Hills in 1988, Mori Building has proposed a seamless and affluent urban lifestyle (Hills Life) through the creation of a compact city with diverse urban functions.

At the same time, Mori Building has long been committed to providing a range of learning opportunities and intellectual activities for working people across various fields, and has not only improved the competitiveness of its own offices, but also helped companies and society at large in Tokyo keep up with changing demands.

We are pleased to welcome General Assembly to Japan, a company with a proven track record in fostering digital talent and establishing a global alumni community, and to work together to create a center for excellence for the development of digital talent.

We believe that providing global standard digital education in Japan, will serve as an engine for companies based in Japan, and that General Assembly’s courses will help to realize the recognition that digital is not just a job for a selected group but a necessary skill set for the next generation. We are also looking forward to the future expansion of the Tokyo campus and to develop a highly-skilled and tight-knit community that everyone will look up to..

We hope that the digital talent that graduates from General Assembly will contribute to the growth of Japan, and transform the city into a prosperous society, thereby enhancing the magnetism of the city of Tokyo and contributing to regional development.”Director, Senior Executive Managing Officer – Ogasawara, Masahiko


“We are thrilled to partner with Mori Building to train the next wave of professional talent in Tokyo’s vibrant and growing economy,” said Lisa Lewin, CEO of General Assembly.

“Technical skills gaps are a global challenge facing nearly every industry and as technology evolves, it will become ever more critical that companies invest proactively to develop the talent they’ll need in the coming decade.”Lisa Lewin, CEO of General Assembly


Since 2011, General Assembly has helped approximately 100,000 professionals in the U.S. and internationally transform their careers with cutting edge skills training, from offering individual immersives in software engineering, data, and UX design to spearheading innovative public-private community reskilling programs.

Today’s partnership with Mori Building marks a continuation of this longstanding commitment to provide accessible, high quality education and foster greater opportunity for local economies.


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