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Empowering Australians With Financial Assistance For Careers In Tech

General Assembly
January 17, 2023

The tech space is constantly changing and evolving. This is why it is such an exciting, challenging, and rewarding industry to work in. In this day and age, the key to a successful career in tech is to be equipped with the most relevant tech skills and to embrace lifelong learning, and be as curious and inquisitive as possible. 

According to the Tech Council of Australia, the Australian Government and the Australian tech sector have a shared commitment to create 1.2 million tech jobs in Australia by 2030. It is then forecasted that Australia will need to employ an additional 653,000 tech workers to meet this goal by the end of the decade. This is great news for those who want to transition into a tech career. It also means that the demand for tech courses has increased as people are looking for efficient modes of learning to be a part of this transformation. 

However, financial constraints can often get in the way of people receiving a quality education in their desired field, thus, limiting their potential to excel. In an economy where knowledge is power, how then can we make this knowledge more accessible to aspiring students? 


GA’s lifelong goal has been to transform thinkers into creators by providing accessible educational opportunities.  As we look to fulfill this mission, we have partnered with Ed Aid, an organization that makes quality education affordable by splitting tuition payments into interest-free installments. This partnership spans the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and, now, Australia. 

“We are very excited about this partnership expansion and the support for General Assembly’s students in the Southern Hemisphere,” said Enisa Glavovic, Ed Aid’s Country Director, Australia. “Unlocking potential is what motivates our team to continue assisting education partners around the world in achieving exceptional outcomes for students without the burden of expensive, high-interest-paid loans.”

What does this mean for you? Moving forward, citizens and residents of Australia and NZ intending to study at General Assembly either online or on campus, will now be able to benefit from Ed-Aid’s flexible and interest-free payment plans. Since 2011, General Assembly has always envisioned to provide all students from diverse backgrounds opportunities to learn the most in-demand skills and be able to secure a full-time role after. 

With the help of Ed-Aid, we’re able to bring affordable top-notch curriculum to everyone and make job placements accessible to all.


With an increasing demand for financial assistance, Ed-Aid plays an important role in ensuring that the Australian education industry has all the resources it needs to acquire the most relevant and up-to-date tech skills. 

In order to satisfy this demand, Ed-Aid has placed a higher priority on providing financial aid by providing the service of making an upfront payment and dividing the remaining tuition costs over a period of time with no interest.

Whether you are a fresh graduate, an aspiring mid-career changer or just simply looking for courses to upskill or reskill, our partnership with Ed-Aid promises to bring you ample opportunities that you can afford. 

You can look forward to the following benefits upon enrolling with us:

  • Mentorship & coaching 
  • Participation in hands-on projects
  • Creation of an impressive tech portfolio
  • Network of industry experts from respective tech fields such as web development, software and app development, user experience and data analytics


Students pay a deposit upon enrollment and then have the convenience of splitting the remaining tuition fee into an interest-free payment plan, with zero hidden fees or charges.

Here are the plans available for you: 

  1. 24-month installment plan: Benefits students who opt for part time courses.
  2. 36-month installment plan: Eligible for students who are enrolled in full time courses.
  3. Income-contingent deferred payment plan: Enables full-time students to pay an initial deposit upon enrolment and then defer the entirety of their remaining tuition fee until they start earning an income of AUD$60K or more.

To get started, begin your application by speaking to an Admissions Producer who will guide you through every step. Contact for more information. 


At GA, we offer a wide range of tech courses to meet your diverse learning needs. Our course content is constantly evolving to meet the demands of Australia’s tech industry.

If you’re considering taking one of our courses, good news: Many of them are covered under these payment plans. Here is the list of courses that you can explore: 

  • Product Management
  • Java Script Development
  • Frontend Web Development
  • React Development 
  • ANA
  • UX-Design (Part -time)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Software Engineering Immersive
  • UX-Design Immersive
  • Data Analytics Immersive

What are you waiting for? Pick a plan and start applying to kickstart your brand-new career today. To learn more about Ed-Aid, click here.

To find out more about GA’s course offerings, have a chat with our Admissions Producer by contacting


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