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September 4, 2023
Career Tarotscopes

Rebecca Szymczak, aka Cardsy B, author of The Saturn Diaries and tarot reader to the stars, consulted her cards and has tips for which signs are going to use the hard-working energy of this earth element ruled season to escalate their careers and which should watch out for Virgo’s notorious perfectionism. She also has insight regarding expansive good news that can indicate raises and new job offers as we approach the full moon in Aries at the month’s end.

We enter September in a waning moon cycle. We just exited a rare Blue moon in Aquarius on August 31st, bringing attention to innovation, disruption, and change. We’re also likely to feel a sense of creative energy combined with chaos as we currently have six of our eight planets in retrograde. Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Venus, Mercury, and Uranus are all retrograde, with Jupiter joining the pack on September 4th. This asks us to revisit many lessons from the past and make decisions mindfully, considering what we have learned this past year, especially since March. September 29th brings a powerful full moon in Aries that will open up leadership opportunities for those on the path to stepping into areas of greater recognition.

Whatever your sign, many new shifts are happening on the career front — plus some potential mistakes that can be easily avoided, so read on to see what the cards have in store.

Aries/ Aries Rising (March 21 to April 19)

Card: Temperance

The Temperance card may not be the favorite among Aries that love to go, go, go. Yet this moderation and ability to choose your moments will serve you, especially toward the second half of the month.

Highlight: Patience Pays Off

September’s retrogrades require patience and the ability to know when to ask and when to move forward, like jumping into an energetic double-dutch game. If you choose your moment right, you will receive the green light you are looking for regarding new opportunities.

Heads Up: Blinders On

Though Aries are notoriously competitive, September is an important month to stay in your lane and not allow the perceived successes of others to drive you into impatience or lack; the second half of the month through early October is your sweet spot, so don’t worry about comparison right now.

Mantra:  Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac

Taurus/ Taurus Rising (April 20 to May 20)

Card: Judgement

Tauruses make impactful leaders due to their systematic and grounded nature. Though decisions can sometimes take you longer than others, you always choose with a thorough examination of all points of view. This skill allows you to step into a more significant role this month.

Highlight: Trust Your Instincts

Coming off the heels of last month’s full moon, you have a strong instinctual hit of which decision to make as a crossroads presents itself at work. You are more intuitive than you give yourself credit for. Lean into this, especially the first week of September.

Heads Up: Resist the Urge To Poll Others

The many retrogrades occurring in early September can cause you to second-guess yourself. Don’t over-tweak presentations at the last minute, and trust the decisions you have confidently arrived at while filtering out any excess outside noise.

Mantra: Just Trust The Voice Within – Christina Aguilera 

Gemini/ Gemini Rising (May 21 to June 20)

Card: Queen of Swords

Since your birthday in Gemini season, change has quite literally been in the air. This month inspires you to speak up to claim opportunities that are now available to you. 

Highlight: Throat Chakra Turned ON!

This summer may have brought a state of overwhelm due to massive changes throughout the past few months. Fortunately, September brings Virgo’s grounding energy and, along with it, the confidence to use your voice. This can mean applying for that dream job or having a tough (but necessary) conversation with your boss.

Heads Up: Respect the Retrograde

Remember that Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde through September 14, so the end of the month is better for asking for raises and signing new contracts.

Mantra: My power’s turned on – Rachel Platten

Cancer/ Cancer Rising (June 21 to July 22)

Card: Three of Cups

When others have been taking long weekends and extended vacations, the summer months brought longer hours and increased workloads for many Cancers. The Three of Cups brings more support and work-life balance this month.

Highlight: Help is On the Way

Just because you can complete the work of multiple people doesn’t mean you want to. If you’ve been simultaneously doing more tasks than the Cat In the Hat lately, it’s time to book that long weekend off because help is finally on the way.

Heads Up: Change is a Good Thing

Many Cancers are creatures of habit. The Three of Cups demonstrate that sometimes change is a good thing. September’s reorganization, new workflow, and/or new team members are cause for celebration as this helps to balance your workflow and allows you to focus on what you do best.

Mantra: Hold On, I’m Coming  – Sam And Dave

Leo/ Leo Rising (July 23 to August 22)

Card: The Fool

News of an attractive new career opportunity is coming by the full moon in Aries at the end of the month. The Fool card indicates that it may be a completely different industry or area of speciality than you’ve worked in before, but it is worth exploring.

Highlight: New Spark of Inspiration

If you’ve been feeling stagnant at worst or content at best the past few months, September is about to mix things up. This new work opportunity offers the breath of fresh air and the spark of inspiration (not to mention increased abundance) you’ve been craving.

Heads Up: Read the Fine Print 

This month’s retrogrades, especially Mercury’s, can make it easy to overlook important details. Double-check all contracts and even run them by a lawyer or well-versed friend before signing any new deals, collaborations, or contracts.

Mantra: Brand New Day– Sting

Virgo/ Virgo Rising (August 23 to September 22)

Card: 2 of Cups

Happy Birthday, Virgo! Just in time for your b-day season, the Two of Cups brings partnerships and collaborations your way. Even though you often enjoy working solo, these powerful allies are opening doors to new ventures and abundance by the month’s end.

Highlight: Two Heads Are Better Than One

Whether this is a significant collaboration, budget increase, or a new teammate that gets how your brain works, the Two of Cups card brings in some much-needed support this month.

Heads Up: Say Yes to Receiving

Virgos tend to be very comfortable working through challenges solo. Allow yourself to receive the support that shows up this month, as this will unlock more doors and potential for expansion throughout the fall.

Mantra: Learning How to Receive – Alanis Morisette

Libra/ Libra Rising (September 23 to October 22)

Card: 5 of Cups

Libras tend to crave balance, and this summer’s cosmic chaos has probably shaken things up more than you would like. These changes have opened the door for Virgo season to bring new opportunities for increased balance and prosperity by the new moon on September 14th.

Highlight: Multiple Greenlights Simultaneously

The good news is that many offers are available within your current environment and outside sources. Initially, you may be drawn towards more familiar pathways, but it is essential to examine all thoroughly.

Heads Up: What We Focus On Expands

The downside to the 5 of Cups card is that it can be more tempting to focus on the things that aren’t currently possible in a particular scenario versus holding gratitude for the options at hand. The more you focus on the aspects of the opportunities you enjoy, the more you will receive.  

Mantra: How Far I’ll Go – Alessia Cara

Scorpio/ Scorpio Rising (October 23 to November 21)

Card: Death/Rebirth

Though many signs faced significant changes in the past few months, Scorpio is the master of transformation. Be prepared to shed old, energetic skins (think old limiting beliefs) because a big level-up is coming this fall.

Highlight: Master of Reinvention

Scorpios, like their scorpion archetype, are masters of molting out of old, outgrown shells and reinventing themselves. A new title or new account may ask you to redefine yourself yet again; don’t worry, you’re up for the challenge.

Heads Up: Success is on the Other Side of Your Comfort Zone

September brings a bit of a squeeze, asking you what you’re ready to release to grow. Still, the rewards on the other side of your comfort zone are undeniably worth it.

Mantra: Break On Through (to the Other Side)– The Doors

Sagittarius/ Sagittarius Rising (November 22 to December 23)

Card: King Of Pentacles

Sagittarians’ fire ruling can often lead to burnout when overexerted. Thankfully, the earth ruling of Virgo season helps to ground that fire, bringing in a sense of calm confidence by mid-month with the Virgo new Moon.

Highlight: Abundance Mindset

The King of Pentacles brings news of ongoing and/or increased abundance on the work front. This root chakra reassurance helps to calm fears of scarcity that may have recently popped up in usually optimistic Sag’s minds due to the multiple retrogrades.

Heads Up: Slow and Steady

Sagittarians may be the least patient sign in the zodiac. Still, it’s essential not to make hasty decisions regarding work and money this month, especially throughout the first two weeks of September. If you find yourself making a decision triggered by scarcity or lack, pause and revisit the situation at least 24 hours later.

Mantra: Worth the Wait– Caroline Jones

Capricorn/ Capricorn Rising (December 22 to January 19)

Card: Justice

Capricorns make incredible leaders due to their hard-working and loyal qualities. This month, Justice reminds you that boundaries are essential to sustainable success.

Highlight: Opportunity to Clear the Air 

The chance to express kind but firm boundaries with a colleague or client presents itself early in September. If you chose to avoid this conversation or decision in the past, now is the time to be as straightforward as possible.

Heads Up: Procrastination Warning

It may be tempting to delay having uncomfortable conversations. Still, the reward is more time and space for inspiring and productive use of your time and energy.

Mantra: Learn to Say No – Emeline

Aquarius/ Aquarius Rising (January 20 to February 18)

Card: Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands is coming in hot this September to remind you what lights you up as you have some important decisions to make come the end of the month.

Highlight: Worth the Risk

The full moon in Aries at the end of the month brings a new work opportunity that feels much more aligned with your passions. This may require taking a bit of a risk at a time when you may feel like you’re just starting to feel grounded after a challenging summer. Though the unknown can be anxiety-inducing, the rewards that come with this new and exciting experience are very much worth the leap.

Heads Up: Overthinking on Overdrive

Even though this new door opening aligns with much of what you’ve been wanting for some time now, there may be a tendency to overthink or question if it’s too good to be true and if you are foolish to leave your current situation. Don’t overthink it, and go with your intuition on this one.

Mantra: This Girl Is On Fire 

– Alicia Keys

Pisces/ Pisces Rising (February 19 to March 20)

Card: The Star 

Pisces is the deep water sign known for intuition and empathy. If the past few months have been emotionally challenging on the work front, relief is on the way. By mid-month, the Star card rewards your patience with good news from higher-ups and/or clients.

Highlight: Level Up

For many Pisces, you have likely been weighed down with the responsibilities of other teammates or feel taken advantage of by certain colleagues or clients. In that case, the news that comes in by mid-September reminds you that your hard work has been recognized and is paying off.

Heads Up: Communication is Key

Make sure that you also clarify the terms in addition to celebrating new projects or roles that you may be stepping into. Understanding roles and expectations in new agreements is essential with six planets retrograde, especially Mercury, through the first half of the month.

Mantra: Keep Moving Forward –The Driver Era 

One small step can turn into a giant leap 

If you’ve been considering exploring a new career or leveling up your existing skills, this may be the month to finally do it. Knowing what this shift means for you is essential as technology keeps moving faster and a new workplace dynamic moves closer.

A small step can be learning a new skill or researching a different career path. Our free weekly workshops are a great place to start. RSVP now for one of our free classes to start your journey today.


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