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Career Tarotscopes for October 2023

General Assembly
October 2, 2023
Career Tarotscopes

Rebecca Szymczak, aka Cardsy B, author of The Saturn Diaries and tarot reader to the stars, consulted her cards and has tips for which signs are going to use the hard-working energy of this earth element ruled season to escalate their careers and which should watch out for Virgo’s notorious perfectionism. She also has insight regarding expansive good news that can indicate raises and new job offers as we approach the full moon in Aries at the month’s end.

October comes in with much lighter energy than the past few months. This change is partially thanks to Libra’s refreshing air energy and partly because Venus and Mercury moved out of retrograde in September. By October 22, Pluto will also move direct, creating a friendlier environment to welcome new clients, get deals signed, and make progress that may have been halted throughout August and September. October also holds part 2 of our 2023 eclipses, which will wrap up lessons and complete cycles from May this year. The solar eclipse in Libra on October 14 is a potent activator for new partnerships, whether career opportunities or new collaborations in current environments. The lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28 will provide awakenings regarding financial growth and what we truly want in this area.

Whatever your sign, many changes are on the horizon, and opportunities await thanks to the eclipses this month —so read on to see what the cards have in store.

Aries/ Aries Rising (March 21 to April 19)

Card: Six of Wands

The Six of Wands brings in that “come back” energy Aries have probably been craving through the cosmic slow-down of September. October ensures an increase in inspiration and recognition of your efforts.

Highlight: Feeling Back On Track

Aries are the initiators of the zodiac and feel the most fulfilled when they are in motion and creation mode. October provides exactly that, opening doors to new ventures and also some gratifying praise from clients and higher-ups.

Heads Up: Balance is Key

The adrenaline high from stepping into a more visible role may cause the desire to ignore work-life balance. Even when work is fulfilling, you must give yourself breaks and play time, especially toward the second half of the month.

Mantra:  Right On Track – Breakfast Club

Taurus/ Taurus Rising (April 20 to May 20)

Card: Ace of Pentacles

An exciting opportunity for financial increase arrives with the Ace of Pentacles this month. Pay attention to unexpected calls or emails that come mid-month near the new moon and solar eclipse in Libra on October 14.

Highlight: Manifestation Received

Have you had your eye on a new company or role for the past few months? If so, the request you energetically placed to the universe is about to be delivered.

Heads Up: Prioritize Yourself

Tauruses are strong and loyal leaders, but that loyalty can sometimes become self-sacrificing. If an opportunity arises at a less-than-ideal time, but it will improve your career path and quality of life, choose yourself over short-term disruptions.

Mantra: I Feel It Coming – The Weeknd 

Gemini/ Gemini Rising (May 21 to June 20)

Card: The Fool

Gemini’s elemental ruling of air works well with the momentum of this month’s sun in Libra, a fellow air sign. The Fool card reminds Geminis that new beginnings are possible if you are ready to receive them this month.

Highlight: Glass Half-Full Kind of Month

It’s okay to put on the rose-colored glasses and amp up the optimism in October, Gemini. The Fool card provides a blank canvas, and what you create depends upon what you believe you deserve to receive this month.

Heads Up: Careful of Oversharing

Because Gemini’s ruler is Mercury, the planet of communication, it can be tempting to over-share plans and ideas. It’s best to let things percolate first and announce good news once things are confirmed in a Voila-worthy big reveal.

Mantra: How You Like Me Now  – The Heavy

Cancer/ Cancer Rising (June 21 to July 22)

Card: Death/Rebirth

Though the Death/Rebirth card sometimes gets a bad rap in the Tarot, it is one of the most powerful in the deck, bringing massive evolution and change. If you’ve been feeling stuck but not ready to move, change is coming by month’s end.

Highlight: Time for an Up-level

Sometimes, a routine’s familiarity can comfort Cancers, reminiscent of their archetypal crab shell. Staying too long in a pattern, however, can also create stagnation. The news coming in by month’s end provides a change and a substantial career-opener.

Heads Up: Don’t Mistake Excitement for Anxiety

The buzz of expansive change can feel like fear of an undesirable outcome. Embrace the butterflies this month, Cancer. It’s time to come out of your cocoon.

Mantra: These Things Will Change  – Taylor Swift

Leo/ Leo Rising (July 23 to August 22)

Card: Two of Cups 

Leo’s are known for their innate confidence, which generates success. Despite recent wins at work, it may feel like you’ve been carrying much of a current project or workload solo. Two of Cups brings in a valuable collaborator. This ally could be a new teammate, contractor, or assistant.

Highlight: Two Heads Are Better Than One

This new collaborator brings ease to your workload and a sense of fun and inspiration you’ve been missing lately. Look for this around the new moon solar eclipse in Libra, highlighting teamwork on October 14th.

Heads Up: Ego Check 

Because the current economy is less than ideal, a new team member or suggestion to work with a consultant or assistant may put you on the defensive. Receive the help that’s coming; it will only benefit you energetically and financially.

Mantra: Better Together– Jack Johnson

Virgo/ Virgo Rising (August 23 to September 22)

Card: Ace of Cups

Virgos are known as the hardest working sign in the zodiac, and that was no doubt the cast last month as Virgo season 2023 contained seven retrogrades. The Ace of Cups brings good news in October that will increase work-life balance.

Highlight: Treat Yourself

Libra season brings in both partnership and play on the work front. This support can mean additional team members joining or returning, especially if you have been covering multiple roles. The workload seems a bit lighter this month, so if you have extra PTO, it’s an excellent time to take a long weekend.

Heads Up: Mitigate the Martyrdom

Watch the tendency to overwork this month even though it’s not necessary. Old patterns are surfacing with the full moon in Scorpio, and it’s up to you whether you want to release or repeat them.

Mantra: Treat Myself – Meghan Trainor

Libra/ Libra Rising (September 23 to October 22)

Card: Wheel of Fortune

Happy Birthday, Libra! First of all, the entire zodiac thanks you for ushering in some of that Libran air energy to move us out of September’s stagnation. Wheel of Fortune also brings some powerful expansion in October for you.

Highlight: Big Wins on the Way in

Some projects, job opportunities, and/or clients that seemed like a lost cause are popping back up with even bigger payoffs in October.

Heads Up: Choose Gratitude Over Overwhelm

You may have somberly made peace with specific work opportunities not coming to fruition recently. Yet, as many of these reappear this month, you may quickly be overwhelmed. Gratitude will get you further than panic. If you can’t say yes to everything, choose the next best opportunity at each step.

Mantra: One Foot In Front Of The Other – Griff

Scorpio/ Scorpio Rising (October 23 to November 21)

Card: 7 of Pentacles

“Still waters run deep” is a common observation of Scorpio’s intensity. If you’ve been biding your time behind closed doors, October, or more specifically, the Scorpio portion of the month, brings a reason to celebrate.

Highlight: Your Strategy Pays Off

The past few weeks may have caused you to question if the hard work and strategy you had put into play would pay off. An announcement coming the last week of October, close to the full moon eclipse in Scorpio on the 28th, will prove all your efforts were worth it.

Heads Up: Perseverance is Key

This month will likely tempt you to throw in the towel. This temptation could be the lure to accept a mediocre outside offer or a lowball rate from a client. Hold strong and own your worth- it will pay off in spades…and pentacles.

Mantra: Worth It – Fifth Harmony

Sagittarius/ Sagittarius Rising (November 22 to December 23)

Card: The Magician

Sagittarians’ are one of the most impatient signs in the zodiac. You were likely challenged to practice patience and surrender over the past few months. If that is the case, you will be rewarded with the manifestation power of The Magician in October.

Highlight: Magnetic AF

This month’s new moon and solar eclipse in Libra fuel the flames of Sagittarius to ignite big money moves. The Libra portion of October (Oct 1-Oct 23) provides an excellent portal for pitch meetings and interviews.

Heads Up: Don’t Forget The Recent Lessons 

In the heat of all the action this month, jumping back into your old ways of mani-forcing and overworking may be tempting. Don’t forget that utilizing surrender and patience got you here. 

Mantra: A Kind of Magic– Queen

Capricorn/ Capricorn Rising (December 22 to January 19)

Card: Eight of Pentacles

It’s game time, Capricorn. 2023 may have felt less triumphant than you would like. If that’s the case, know that the year’s final quarter is bringing in some significant financial wins, starting with October.

Highlight: Let Go and Let it Flow 

Eight of Pentacles reminds us that abundance, like the Libran element of air, flows best when there is no resistance. Surrender the desire to control exactly HOW the success is coming this month, and you’ll be surprised with the good news you receive by mid-October.

Heads Up: Watch Negative Self Talk

High-achieving Capricorns are extremely self-critical. With Mercury moving direct and out of its shadow period, our words carry more weight than ever. This month, speaking consciously about yourself and your efforts is more important than ever.

Mantra: Unstoppable – Sia

Aquarius/ Aquarius Rising (January 20 to February 18)

Card: The Moon

The Moon card is coming in to illuminate some areas of uncertainty. Though the intensity of the past few weeks may have left you uncertain of how to proceed with some big decisions, a wave of calm, intuitive knowing is now coming in.

Highlight: Clarity Now

The lunar eclipse in Taurus on 28 October opens our eyes to the true nature of others and ourselves. If you were second-guessing yourself due to the gaslighting of colleagues or clients, the insight this full moon provides empowers you to make bold moves.

Heads Up: Release Resentment

It’s hard to unsee what is made clear by the end of October. Empower yourself with the knowledge versus harboring resentment. Massive rewards are on the horizon if you follow your intuition this month.

Mantra: Wide Awake – Katy Perry

Pisces/ Pisces Rising (February 19 to March 20)

Card: Temperance 

October holds rewards for all the work you’ve done on yourself personally and professionally, Pisces. This month brings a much more consistent flow of work and an improved work/life balance.

Highlight: Consistency & Harmony

Pisces are represented by the symbol of two fish, highlighting the need for balance and support. It may have seemed like you were swimming laps solo without any sense of what to expect around the corner for the past few months. October brings in a sense of ease and flow and additional support from team members.

Heads Up: Keep Looking Forward

It may feel tempting to look backwards and worry that things won’t stay in flow for very long based on what you had to deal with in the past. Avoid the desire to prepare for the worst-case scenario and thank yourself for calling in significant level-ups this month.

Mantra: Dog Days Are Over  –Florence and the Machine 

There’s Still Time to Progress This Year

With the end of the year in sight, it can be easy to think, “My career is a next-year problem,” but it’s not. It’s never too early (or too late) to start thinking about your next big move. Whenever you’re ready, we’re here for you. 

If you’re thinking about changing your career or leveling up your existing one, our free classes are a great place to start. Sign-up today to get started. 


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