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December 1, 2023
Career Tarotscopes

Rebecca Szymczak, aka Cardsy B, author of The Saturn Diaries and tarot reader to the stars, consulted her cards and has tips for which signs are going to work with the expansive Jupiter-ruled energy of Sagittarius season to take big leaps ahead and which should be mindful of Mercury’s mid-month retrograde before signing new contracts. She also has insight regarding what to expect when it comes to year-end reviews.

Though we enter December in Mercury’s shadow period, we have the optimism of Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius to kick off the month before Mercury’s retrograde on December 13. It’s best to use the first half of December — particularly the time leading up to the 12.12 portal and new moon in Sagittarius on December 12 — to request needed approvals from clients and higher-ups and to finalize any pending contracts. This holiday season, more people may default to “vacay mode” earlier than usual due to the waning moon and Mercury’s retrograde, so it’s best to plan key meetings and initiatives for the first two weeks of the month. As we move into Capricorn season and toward the full moon in Cancer on December 26, it’s more important than ever to communicate clearly and follow up where needed.

Whatever your sign, growth and celebration are on the horizon. Sagittarius season serves as the expander and road opener — so read on to see what the cards have in store.

Aries/Aries Rising (March 21 to April 19)

Card: Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands brings the element of fire — Aries elemental ruler — to the party, adding increased inspiration and energy to close out the year strong.

Highlight: Increased Battery Life

If Scorpio season took a toll on your bandwidth and attention span, December comes in with a burst of energy just in time to finish what you need to wrap up 2023.

Heads Up: Don’t Over Do It

It can be tempting to go full steam ahead and slack on self-care and even the basics (like sleep and meals) when you’re feeling momentum you haven’t in a while, but remember self-care is key to sustainable success.

Mantra: Just Like Fire.


Taurus/Taurus Rising (April 20 to May 20)

Card: Two of Pentacles

There’s a fine line between perfectionism and procrastination, and Tauruses know that well. Two of Pentacles reminds us to find the balance between what needs to be done and the best way to do it before momentum slows down in mid-December.

Highlight: Use the Support Around You

You’re surrounded by powerful and efficient team members and collaborators. Now’s the time to delegate and empower those who can contribute to your shared mission.

Heads Up: Perfect is the Enemy of Good

Two of Pentacles can bring balance, but it can also lead to over-analysis and second-guessing yourself. Be mindful not to create unnecessary steps or “tweak” to the point of sabotaging.

Mantra: Flow With It 

St Paul and the Broken Bones

Gemini/Gemini Rising (May 21 to June 20)

Card: Four of Swords

Geminis are always impacted more directly with Mercury retrograde periods because Mercury is also your planetary ruler. Four of Swords reminds Geminis to filter out outside noise and distractions, particularly in the first half of December, to prepare for the good news coming by the end of the month.

Highlight: Efforts Paying Off in Real Time

If you can hunker down and finish what you need in the first two weeks of the month, good news comes in by the end of December. This reward may look like a celebratory annual review or a big new client signing on just before the new year.

Heads Up: Eyes on the Prize

Geminis are the social butterflies of the zodiac, and the holiday season likely has you itching to mingle, but remember, the more you focus now, the more you can play later. Bonus points for using the 12.12 portal and new moon as a goalpost for finishing things you may have been procrastinating.

Mantra: Eyes on the Prize  

– Bruce Springsteen

Cancer/Cancer Rising (June 21 to July 22)

Card: 6 of Wands

Much of November through Scorpio season probably felt like you were leading colleagues or clients out of a battlefield. Even if it was a challenge, your success didn’t go unnoticed, and the 6 of Wands ensures rewards coming your way by month’s end.

Highlight: Worth the Journey

Setbacks in your department or lapses in client communication may have recently stretched your patience to its breaking point. News coming in just after the new moon in Sagittarius on December 12 will demonstrate that your efforts and patience are paying off.

Heads Up: Utilize and Enjoy Time Off 

Right after a significant level up, be it a raise or an exciting new project, it can be tempting to work through vacation, but it’s essential to allow yourself time to recalibrate at month’s end as the new year has big plans in store for you.

Mantra: On Top of the World

– Imagine Dragons

Leo/Leo Rising (July 23 to August 22)

Card: 2 of Swords 

The 2 of Swords reminds us that it’s important to set boundaries — especially in times of overwhelm — and doing so often brings well-deserved rewards.

Highlight: New Doors Opening

December enters like a crowded holiday party, asking you to juggle more projects or clients than usual. Remember, it’s okay to say no and set boundaries when necessary, as this will allow even more of the right doors to open.

Heads Up: Let It Go 

It may be tempting to focus on things that have exited recently, like your favorite former colleague or client, but remember they’re clearing space for new arrivals come Capricorn season. Look for hints of these opportunities near the full moon on Dec 26.

Mantra: I’m Still Standing

– Elton John

Virgo/Virgo Rising (August 23 to September 22)

Card: Temperance

Sagittarius rules the Temperance card. We move through Sagittarius season the first three weeks of the month, reminding Virgos that the ability to balance and temper your time and resources is more important than ever this December.

Highlight: Recognition and Rewards

Virgos are one of the hardest working signs in the zodiac and are happiest when they’re in motion completing tasks. There’s a lot to be done this month in areas where you’ll shine brightly and be recognized by influential decision-makers.

Heads Up: Prioritize Your Sanity

Though you’ll be riding high on positive recognition this month, it’s essential not to wear yourself too thin to make others happy. Watch the desire to people-please as Mercury’s retrograde period starting mid-month can lead to getting taken advantage of.

Mantra: Eye of The Tiger 

– Survivor

Libra/Libra Rising (September 23 to October 22)

Card: The Hanged Man

Many Libras recently had to make big decisions for the future of their career path last month and are feeling in a limbo period right now. The Hanged Man reminds us that change sometimes means moving through an uncomfortable period of the unknown to succeed.

Highlight: Take Some Much-Needed Me Time

While the beginning of December may feel like your workflow is moving more slowly than you’d like, this provides an excellent excuse to utilize some unused vacation days before the year’s end.

Heads Up: Trust Your Past Self

While you may be second-guessing and reanalyzing recent decisions, your past self knew what they were doing. Don’t let impatience create unnecessary anxiety. Positive career news is arriving just before the month’s end.

Mantra: Paths of Victory 

– Bob Dylan

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising (October 23 to November 21)

Card: The Fool

Scorpios are the leaders of the death/rebirth cycle, known for molting out of their old shells to expand into the new. The Fool card rewards Scorpios’ ability to embrace recent changes, bringing an unknown but exciting new opportunity this month.

Highlight: Wishes Granted

If you’ve been desperately pining for a better job or new client(s), The Fool is here to grant you that unique opportunity. Be ready to move forward when it arrives.

Heads Up: Go With Your Gut

Though it appears certain career wishes are coming true in December, there may be a time crunch when you need to decide, so don’t overthink it and go with your intuition.

Mantra: I Gotta Feeling 

– Black Eyed Peas

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising (November 22 to December 23)

Card: Wheel of Fortune

Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! The Wheel of Fortune is associated with Jupiter, Sagittarius’ planetary ruler. This card uses Jupiter’s energy of expansion to move things forward that may have felt stagnant and open doors that were previously closed.

Highlight: Yes, It’s Finally Happening

It may seem too good to be true, but if anyone can believe it, it’s Sagittarians, aka the optimists of the zodiac. This opportunity may have entered the scene in early 2023 but loops back around to actualize by mid-December.

Heads Up: Don’t Let Your Past Self Slow Your Roll

Mercury’s retrograde in Sagittarius starting December 13 may cause communication glitches, including the voice of your past self telling you not to trust good news that’s arrived this month. Understandably, your past self is wary, but they don’t have the knowledge you now do — it’s okay to get excited — the new opportunities are legit.

Mantra: A New Day Has Come

– Celine Dion 

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising (December 22 to January 19)

Card: Justice

Hard-working Capricorns have usually mastered the Justice card’s analytical nature. Applying the other — intuitive and discerning — side of Justice may require increased boundaries this month.

Highlight: Real-Time Rewards 

You’ll likely face some down-to-the-wire decisions come mid-December. Chances are you can argue equally for and against these choices, leaving intuition as the deciding factor. Once you make your decisions, hold firm and boundary the naysayers. Big rewards come at the end of the month, just before Capricorn season commences.

Heads Up: Watch Self-Criticism

With your birthday around the corner and wanting to close the year triumphantly, Capricorns may be overly critical of themselves. Justice reminds us to be fair and just with the stories we believe of others and ourselves.

Mantra: Trust Yourself
– Bob Dylan 

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising (January 20 to February 18)

Card: 6 of Pentacles

The 6 of Pentacles arrives in time for the holidays to increase financial balance and the flow of abundance on a personal and professional level.

Highlight: Worth the Climb

2023 may have felt like an uphill battle — with several backslides — but December’s financial good news puts you back in the swing of things and reminds you that the journey was worth it.

Heads Up: Don’t Live in the Past

The temptation to recount the challenges from this past year is understandable, but remember while they may serve as an important chapter in the book about 2023, they’re not the title.

Mantra: Not Looking Back 

– Ringo Starr

Pisces/Pisces Rising (February 19 to March 20)

Card: Ace of Pentacles

An exciting prospect in the form of a new job or client comes your way. Though this opportunity is quite different than your current area of focus, it has the potential for long-term abundance and success if you’re open to taking the risk.

Highlight: Your Reputation Is Paying Off

When Pisces are passionate, they go deeper into their work than any other sign. Your talent and reputation are rewarded with a big offer by month’s end.

Heads Up: Try to See Yourself As the World Does

Imposter syndrome is real, even among the most accomplished. If this month’s opportunity simultaneously excites and scares you, it’s a sign to go for it. If you’re having difficulty seeing yourself objectively, check in with your bestie or mentor to remind you.

Mantra: Focus 

– Ariana Grande

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