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Back To Skills: Free Workshops To Prep For Your Tech Future

General Assembly
September 6, 2023
Back to Skills | Free Workshops to Prep for Your Tech

Hot lunch or cold lunch. First day outfit. Which background for your yearbook photo. Those back-to-school choices may be behind you, but you have a new choice right in front of you when it comes to getting Back to Skills

We’re taking you Back to Skills with our popular free workshops from September 19 – October 26. Whether you’re looking to kickstart a career change, prepare for one of our bootcamps, or simply add new skills to your repertoire, our free workshop series will help you make it happen.

Just like our bootcamps, these workshops are led by our team of dedicated instructors, who have real-world experience in today’s most in-demand tech fields like data, coding, and UX design. 

New this Year: A Schedule Packed With Tech Skills that Set You Up for Success

You may remember our free Workshop Wednesdays last year being, dare we say, epic? But we’re always looking to one-up ourselves, so this year we’ve made our free workshops even better. 

Each workshop series in software engineering, user experience (UX) design, and data analytics carries a single project prompt throughout five weeks of two-hour long workshops — each week building on the skills you learned in the previous week — until you complete a final deliverable to showcase your new-found tech skills. Check out the list of workshops below to see what you’ll learn:

Software Engineering UX DesignData Analytics
Beginner’s Guide to CodingBeginner’s Guide to Design ThinkingBeginner’s Guide to Data
Build a Simple Website with HTML & CSSMaster User Research & InterviewsClean & Prepare Your Data
JavaScript BasicsCustomer Journey Mapping BasicsExcel Analytics Basics
Build an Interactive Website with JavaScriptTurn Sketches to Wireframes in FigmaVisualize Data in Tableau
Write Your First Script with PythonTurn Wireframes to Prototypes in FigmaAccess Data with SQL

In week six, we’ll have live sessions where you’ll get to meet members of our team like admissions specialists, instructors, and career coaches to learn more about our bootcamps, short courses, and career outcomes. Even better? The floor will be yours to ask any of your burning tech questions. 

Is the thought of committing to five weeks of workshops giving you a flashback to back-to-school scaries? Fear not. We know committing to that is a lot, and we’ve got your back. If you sign up and end up only being able to attend one workshop, you’ll still get the recordings from the entire series within one week of the last session.

Ready to get Back to Skills? Simply find your region and your tech discipline of choice below. If you don’t see your region, don’t worry. You can still join us, for instance if you live in the UK, the US or Bahrain instances will work best for you. From there you can sign up for one or all of the workshops in the series. Not sure what’s right for you? Don’t worry — you don’t have to choose just one topic. 

Our free workshops fill up fast, so don’t delay. 

us schedule BAHRAIN scheduleSingapore schedule
Software Engineering SeriesSoftware Engineering Series Software Engineering Series 
UX Design Series UX Design SeriesUX Design Series 
Data Analytics SeriesData Analytics Series Data Analytics Series 

Wherever you are in your career journey, keeping your tech skills sharp is never the wrong move. Take advantage of this free opportunity to level up your skills and prepare for the possibility of a new tech career. 

And if the free workshops themselves aren’t enough, here’s a little something almost as sweet as ice cream after back-to-school night — if you join a workshop live, as a thank you, you’ll leave with a bonus.* Don’t miss out, our free workshops are only here for a limited time.


Q: Is there a limit to how many workshops I can sign up for?

Definitely not. We want you to attend as many free workshops as you can.

Q: What if I can’t attend any of the live workshop times? Will I still be eligible for the bonus?

As long as you sign up for at least one workshop, you’ll get the recording of every workshop in that series (Software Engineering, UX Design, or Data Analytics) within one week of the last session on October 26. You’ll be able to access the bonus through the recording, and it’s good through the end of the year.*

Q: If I can only attend a workshop, say on week 4, how will I get the materials to be caught up from weeks 1-3?

We’ll send an email before every workshop with all the resources you need to be prepared, even if your first workshop is on week 4. It will definitely help to get prepared the day before — these workshops have a lot to cover in two hours, and we want you to be set up for success.

Q: Something is preventing me from accessing one or more of the tools/datasets needed to participate live. Should I still attend?

Don’t worry. If you can’t participate in the live demo, you should definitely still join live to watch, learn, and ask questions. Think of it as a livestream demo that you can later practice on your own anytime after the series once you get the recordings via email.

Q: How do I get a workshop recording?

Choose a topic and sign up for at least one workshop, and you’ll receive the recording of every workshop in that series within one week of October 26. Although, we think you should sign up for all of them — if you’re able.

Q: What’s the bonus for attending a live workshop?

That, we can’t tell you. What we can tell you is that it’s only available for residents of the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and Singapore. And that it’s totally worth two hours of your day. Free tech skills and a bonus? You can’t go wrong.

*Free surprise is only available to residents of the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Singapore. Terms and conditions apply.


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