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Applied Generative AI Workshop: Skills for Real-World Business Applications

General Assembly
April 8, 2024
Applied Generative AI Workshop

Generative artificial intelligence dominated the headlines in 2023, driving market growth and reshaping workplace dynamics. As momentum continues across all sectors, the market’s predicted to grow 46% and reach $22.12 billion by 2025. 

Whether you’re brainstorming marketing ideas, coding automation scripts, or generating data reports, AI’s emerging set of foundational tech skills are shaking up notions of what’s possible in the workplace. 

For tech workers, AI topics such as natural language processing, machine learning, Python programming, data handling, and ethics have all become essential currencies, opening up exciting opportunities to increase value, advance, and contribute meaningfully. Yet, the user-friendly nature of large language models is pulling even non-technical employees like marketers and product managers into the fray as well.

For leaders, the message is clear. Investing in ongoing education empowers employees to tackle everyday tasks with ease, while sharpening their skills to stay ahead of the curve. Collaborative training programs break down silos between departments, fostering a culture of innovation and collective advancement.

General Assembly’s new Applied Generative AI Workshop offers a comprehensive solution that equips both technical and non-technical employees with essential skills in just 16 hours. Through a hands-on AI prompt writing workshop, AI ethics training, and bias mitigation techniques, your team develops a well-rounded, practical understanding of generative AI.

Why Attend the Applied Generative AI Workshop?

The rise of AI has many employees rethinking their entire careers: Are they missing out if they don’t pick up these skills now? Will AI replace their role in a few years’ time? Our new AI workshop for tech and non-tech employees alike is designed to assuage these fears and provide a live, online, hands-on learning experience that learners love. 

The latest findings from The Adecco Group’s global workforce study, involving over 30,000 employees across 23 countries, indicate that 57% of employees want their companies to provide AI skills training. Even though 70% of companies have already adopted AI, significant training gaps persist, particularly linked to disparities in education level and income.

But in an era of talent shortage and increased motility, tech training offers a beacon of light. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, harnessing generative AI can supercharge productivity by 14%, alleviating stress and keeping more staff on board. 

Given AI’s potential to revolutionize workflows, empower employees with more meaningful tasks, and solidify retention rates, isn’t it time we broaden skills training across roles? 

We think so.

Workshop Curriculum: AI Prompt Writing and Ethics

Join General Assembly’s Applied Generative AI Workshop for a practical experience that prepares professionals to apply AI in real-world business settings. From gleaning the essentials of prompt writing to navigating the ethical dimensions of AI’s vast potential, participants gain a comprehensive understanding tailored for success in today’s evolving landscape.

I: Addressing Bias: Ethical Considerations in AI Use

Empowering every employee with insights into the capabilities and limitations of generative AI models mitigates risk as your company embraces powerful new technologies. 

As IBM’s VP and Chief Privacy and Trust Officer Christina Montgomery testified before Congress: “The era of AI cannot be another era of ‘move fast and break things.’” 

In the face of legal scrutiny, excuses like “I didn’t know,” or “It was the computer’s fault,” hold little weight. It’s our responsibility as humans to make sure our AI systems are equitable, inclusive, and devoid of harmful tendencies. 

This workshop covers:

  • AI ethics training, including the broad moral arguments for responsible AI use
  • Bias mitigation in AI training, including how to recognize and repair AI errors

II: Hands-On Training: Applying Generative AI in Your Business

After taking General Assembly’s AI prompt writing workshop, you’ll:

  • Master the intricate workings of GenAI, delving into ethical and legal nuances.
  • Ignite your creativity and problem-solving prowess with prompt writing exercises.
  • Unlock GenAI’s ability to enhance communication, strategy, and innovation.
  • Streamline data processes, customer feedback, and operational workflows.
  • Craft an AI-powered project tailored to your role that showcases your learnings.

Facilitators and Experts: Meet Your Instructors

Joining General Assembly’s global network of learners puts you in an elite class where you pick up the ability to shape the future of your work, while honing skills alongside tomorrow’s innovators.

At our applied AI workshop, you’ll learn from instructors hailing from top companies like Google, Amazon, Airbnb, and IBM. These real-world experts bring their A-game to the classroom every day, sharing invaluable experience and insights that help you thrive. 

Who Should Attend: Bridging Tech and Non-Tech Teams

Long gone are the days where siloed IT teams hold all the tech knowledge in the company. As competitive businesses shift to data-driven cultures, a much broader segment of the workforce benefits from learning about the latest AI trends and incorporating AI skills into their career growth. 

To get the most out of the Applied Generative AI Workshop, we recommend you invite:

  • Product managers 
  • Data analysts
  • Marketers

Bringing together a diverse mix of technical and non-technical professionals positions your company to harness AI’s potential for innovation and cross-team collaboration. 

Generative AI skills training isn’t just important — it’s game-changing. 

According to McKinsey, the gap between AI leaders and laggards widened by 60% from 2021 to 2024. Across all sectors, AI leaders consistently outperform their peers by two to six times, highlighting the significant competitive advantage that AI adoption confers.

Register Now: Take the First Step Toward AI Mastery in Your Organization

Founded in 2011, at the dawn of the tech bootcamp industry, General Assembly is a global pioneer in ongoing tech — and AI — training solutions and talent pipelines. With our fresh, comprehensive curriculum, proven methods, and industry expertise, we’re committed to helping our business partners build resilient talent pipelines to meet the demands of an AI-driven future. 

The Applied Generative AI Workshop is one part of a larger suite of AI upskilling programs tailored to specific use cases. So if you find this workshop beneficial, we encourage you to take a look at our other offerings:

  • AI for Leaders, a concise two-hour workshop designed to enhance leadership AI fluency.
  • Applied AI for Business Consultants, which dives deeper into industry-specific applications for the B2B consulting sector. 
  • Applied AI Engineering, which gives software engineers and data scientists hands-on experience using tools like Github Copilot to develop innovative AI-driven solutions.

Visit our dedicated AI solutions page to learn more or sign up today.


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