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Applied AI Engineering Workshop: The Latest Skills for Software Development and Data Science

General Assembly
April 18, 2024
Applied AI Engineering Workshop

The groundwork has been laid for what many consider the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution, propelled by transformative artificial intelligence. GenAI, debuting in 2023, gains momentum in 2024, with a rapidly growing market valued at $22.12 billion, expected to achieve a 46% adoption rate by 2025.

In short? Now’s the time to bring your teams up to speed to stay ahead of the curve.

You don’t have to look far to see how AI is benefitting industry. AI algorithms are already enhancing security with city-wide drone detection, driving efficient recycling, revolutionizing accessibility, skyrocketing creativity, and addressing complex societal concerns.

Ethics, data visualization, and AI are all cornerstones of a data-driven culture. Companies who put data at the heart of their operation outperform competitors in revenues by 16%, operational efficiency by 23%, and customer retention by 32%.

Given the transformative potential, it’s no surprise 25% of global workers deem AI skills crucial. Yet, 66% of senior IT leaders say their employees need more AI skills to harness predictive analytics and machine learning.

There’s no time like the present. Let’s get started.

General Assembly’s Applied AI Engineering Workshop, designed for existing software engineers and data scientists, builds core AI competencies, empowering your team to become enablers of GenAI throughout your organization.

Why Applied AI Engineering is Essential for Your Team

We know an AI-driven economy is already here — and yet, skills gaps persist. 

A 2023 survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group highlighted this discrepancy, with 86% of employees recognizing the need for AI skills training, while only 14% of tech workers had received such upskilling. 

Similarly, findings from Randstad’s Workmonitor Pulse revealed a 2,000% surge in job postings requiring AI skills, while over half of CEOs identified “AI literacy” as an essential skill. However, only one in 10 workers had been provided with any form of AI training by their employers.

According to Allison Horn, executive director of talent and organization strategy for consulting firm Accenture, investing in AI training programs can be a key workforce retention tool. “If you’re a company that has innovation as part of its talent brand, and you’re trying to attract job candidates who want to continuously build their digital skills, promising them training in GenAI should be a no-brainer.” 

Workshop Overview: Building Advanced AI Competencies

General Assembly’s Applied AI Engineering Workshop, tailored for software engineers and data scientists, enhances proficiency in cutting-edge AI technologies over the course of 16 hours. 

Here’s a closer look at some of the key skill sets your team will develop within this program: 

Prompt Engineering: The Key to Effective AI Solutions

Dive into the principles of prompt engineering and learn how to fine-tune AI models for optimal responses. Develop the ability to craft precise prompts that improve AI tools’ performance and reliability. Through practical exercises and discussions, gain insights into modern prompt engineering techniques that extract maximum value from GenAI.

Real-Time Code Generation with Github Copilot

Leverage Github Copilot for real-time code generation and refactoring. Explore the capabilities of this powerful tool, learning how to efficiently generate and modify code using AI-powered suggestions. Through hands-on exercises and interactive demonstrations, discover how Github Copilot can significantly enhance productivity in software development and data science tasks.

Designing Your AI Capstone Project: A Hands-on Approach

Design and kickstart your first AI capstone project. Guided by expert instructors, learn how to translate newfound AI skills into practical applications. From defining project goals and scope to implementing AI algorithms and evaluating outcomes, gain the confidence and experience to apply AI techniques to real-world problems.

Facilitator Insights: Learn from Leading AI Experts

GA’s AI courses are taught by leading experts in the field. Facilitators will share personal experiences, case studies, and best practices to help your team address the complexities of AI implementation. Through interactive discussions and Q&A sessions, learn about the latest trends and AI advancements through the lens of a seasoned professional.

In short, GA’s Applied AI Engineering Workshop provides a quick way to equip your teams with advanced tech competencies and kickstart AI implementation. 

Who Should Attend: Skills Upgrade for Software Engineers and Data Scientists

This particular workshop is designed to upskill software engineers and data scientists. Because the AI industry is fairly new, there aren’t any concrete rules on how to approach AI training. Some companies are advancing their senior talent into new roles as “AI engineers,” while others are using AI skills training in their new hire onboarding programs. 

As you’ve probably noticed, the lines are blurring between “technical” and “non-technical” roles. In the past, IT often operated in its own silo, but now, with the growing accessibility and usefulness of technologies like AI, there’s an opportunity to involve non-technical roles and make an even greater impact throughout your organization.

If you like our Applied AI Engineering Workshop, consider some of GA’s other offerings:

  • AI for Leaders: Fast-track AI fluency for informed decision-making
  • Applied AI for Business Consultants: Learn AI basics for solving business challenges
  • Applied Generative AI: Equip tech and non-tech employees with AI skills for real-world scenarios

In addition to these workshops, GA offers a wide suite of products for upskilling, reskilling, and tech talent pipeline building, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly to explore your options.

Enroll Now: Start Your Journey to AI Mastery in Software Engineering

Imagine the possibilities of software engineering and data science teams well-versed in AI, innovating endlessly in a fast-paced digital world. With General Assembly’s new AI training solutions, your investment in cultivating top-notch talent puts you on a course miles ahead of the competition. 

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